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Anna Surie (1971) is a Dutch artist who studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and graduated in 1996 in textiles and monumental arts. 

Anna was represented by Anita Kersten, Schröder Gallery in The Hague until the gallery owner retired in 2003. 

Since then Anna also worked as an art director at Homemade Cookies, graphic design studio and NLXL, a wallpaper design company. 

During this period, Anna cooperated with many international artists and organized multiple international art fairs.

Although she loved this work, Anna decided to shift her focus back to her own art in 2019. 

With renewed energy and determination she revisited many of the same themes and techniques that had inspired her before.

Anna's work explores themes such as power, lust, violence, love and humor. She is fascinated by the contrast between the idyllic surface of bourgeois existence and the inevitable dark side of life. Her work always shows an ironic, almost cynical view of the world.



2018   Tentoonstelling Design Kwartier, Den Haag

2014   Groepstentoonstelling Kunstmuseum, Den Haag

2004   Groepstentoonstelling Billytown, Rijswijk

2003   Billy dutch art in Venezia, Spiazzi, Venezia, IT

2003   Solotentoonstelling Galerie Schröder, Den Haag

2003   KunstRAI Amsterdam, Schröder Gallerie

2002   Solotentoonstelling Galerie Schröder, Den Haag

2001   KunstRAI Amsterdam, Schröder Gallerie

2001   Groepstentoonstelling CBK, Leiden

2000   Solotentoonstelling Galerie Schröder, Den Haag

1998   Oprichten stichting 75+NAP, Delft

1997   Groepstentoonstelling 75+NAP, Delft

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